Stikky partners with you to adapt and execute on your vision - FAST!

Are time, freedom and independence the biggest drivers to why you are in business?  If so, then we can help you.

Dear Business Leader. Hi, my name is Simon Lalor and I know you’ve got enough on your plate.

  • Spending time with your family
  • the endless days on the phone,
  • attending appointments,
  • getting your hands dirty,
  • coordinating staff,
  • building relationships and
  • nurturing your business,

it’s a never ending list!

So on top of that, when it comes to the marketing your business, you know what you should be doing, but don’t have the expertise in house and the frustration of not knowing who to trust and what’s the truth, leads you to become overwhelmed, often confused and your marketing and growth is stalled.

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“Imagine if you can get to the stage where all the marketing you should be doing is happening in the background, at a budget you can afford and at the results you desire…”

You have leads coming through Google, your loyalty program is bringing customers back, your website is up to date, your blog is full of content, you’ve introduce new benefits to your customers and YOUR BUSINESS IS GROWING IN VALUE.


  • No more copywriting headaches
  • No more dodgy graphics
  • No more inconsistent newsletters.

Imagine if you had a sales system and a support team that you could trust.
One that backs up all the good you are already doing in your business and maximises it online.


That’s what we do and we would love to help you!

Some of the successful SME’s we have the pleasure of working with!

Stikky solves the problems YOU face every day…

"YOU don't have time."

Stikky gives you back time

"YOU don't have the budget."

Stikky specialises in affordable pricing

"YOU don't know who to trust."

Stikky is flexible and adaptable to reduce risk

"It's all so confusing - YOU leave it until later."

Stikky makes the confusing simple

"YOU either need to do it all, or nothing at all."

Stikky allows you to start small and grow

"YOU don't know what is fact or fiction,"

Stikky only applies core business practices

Why should you choose to work with Stikky?


We will never deal with your local competition.


We breakdown the barriers to make the complicated EASY.


Direct contact to the people that are doing the work for fast results

Our Solutions Are Backed by Our Service Promise

We aren’t like other big marketing companies. We care about your business and helping you succeed, so we take the time to review your business and plan your goals, and then focus on customer service and support to help protect your investment and get the best ROI.





The team that drives your growth…

When you deal with us, I’m your first point of call and I’m responsible for delivering on what we have promised. We’ll address your immediate need and then work with you to systemise the bigger picture or as I like to refer to it – the long game!

Lead Consultant
Simon Lalor

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Customer Support
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Service Manager
Emma Richardson

Branding Manager
Edwina Kelly

Content Producer
Melody McCarthy

Dev Manager
Ravi Raiya

Hosting & Security
Adair Jeng

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