Reach More Local Customers and Keep Old Customers Happy With Stikky!

Stikky provides Sales, Marketing and Support services that are Easy, Consistent and Profitable

Reach More Local Customers and Keep Old Customers Happy With Stikky!

Stikky provides Sales, Marketing and Support services that are Easy, Consistent and Profitable


Are you Ready to Build a Dynamic and Sustainable Business?

 Do you want to “compete and win” in your industry’s fast growing market? You can achieve this through improving your business’ digital presence.

We understand that digital marketing is a challenge for your small to medium business… but here at Stikky, we take this challenge on with you, not focussing on “one-off” or “done & dusted” style projects, but by offering long term support.

We are as passionate about helping you as a business owner to see growth and results for your local business. That’s why Stikky’s in-house team work together to break down all obstacles and barriers to make your business stand ahead of your competitors in the digital world.

Do you have… A limited budget? Restricted marketing skills? Lack of time? Never mind! Our skilled teams of expert graphic designers, digital marketers, sales professionals, and software developers will deliver the best solutions for your business. This is exactly why our clients love us!


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Stikky partners with you to adapt and execute on your vision – FAST!


Work Less and Earn More with Stikky!

Why choose us? Because we are the best at what we do!

Well, this is what our clients tell us (really!), but there is more to it – we are results driven in our digital marketing delivery.

It is of high importance to us to keep you stress-free and help you earn more while working less with our incomparable strategies and support on offer.

Why do we do this?

Simply, because moving your business to the next level is easy when it is secured and you are happy. This no-brainer support helps us create a pleasant environment for B2B and small/medium businesses, where everything is positive and profitable.


Another Reason to Work with Us is That We do not Leave Any Part of the Market Untouched!

When you are competing and struggling to win, you need two types of strategies:

  1. Strategies that help you win by boosting positive aspects
  2. Strategies that do not let you lose by eliminating negative aspects

Our unique combinations of these strategies target major and minor competitors of your business to cover all sections of the market. This way, success becomes a sure shot for your business.

Stikky solves the problems YOU face every day…

"YOU don't have time."

Stikky gives you back time

"YOU don't have the budget."

Stikky specialises in affordable pricing

"YOU don't know who to trust."

Stikky is flexible and adaptable to reduce risk

"It's all so confusing - YOU leave it until later."

Stikky makes the confusing simple

"YOU either need to do it all, or nothing at all."

Stikky allows you to start small and grow

"YOU don't know what is fact or fiction,"

Stikky only applies core business practices

“Imagine if you can get to the stage where all the marketing you should be doing is happening in the background, at a budget you can afford and at the results you desire…”

Why SMEs Work with Stikky

SME Specialists

Our solutions power Small to Medium Businesses.

Fast and Easy

Our solutions are fast to learn and easy to use.

On-going Support

Our team is with you through the entire process.

Stikky Makes Success Simple and Achievable for You!

At Stikky, we take your business on as much more than just a project and keep the goal clear and straightforward. Our overall goal to ‘Find and Keep your Customers’ utilises our Stikky Method to develop an affordable and effective growth plan for your business – a plan that is focused around:

  • Maximising the reach of your message and making it standout
  • Securing your business on Google for maximum lead generation
  • Nurturing your customer base using social media tools and content strategies like blogs and latest news
  • Developing customer loyalty and referral initiatives to lock in your underlying revenue
  • Achieving the most of every digital opportunity

With Stikky’s sustainable business practices, you not only generate sales, but actually earn really happy and loyal customers, who stay with your business forever!

Here’s How We Help You Break Down the Barriers

You’ll never feel confused, frustrated or anxious about your marketing again – we have your back!

Growing Your Investment

With Stikky, get complete ownership of your customer data and digital assets to keep them growing for years to come.

New Revenue Streams

We make it easy for customers to purchase your products, with convenient shopping, all backed by bank grade security

Lead Generation

We optimise your Google listings, maximise rewards programs and nurture your database to drive more leads for your business

Rewards Programs

Rewarding customers leads to long term relationships. We empower you to engage with and remain top of mind.


Content and Messaging

We help you get clear on your message and then promote it consistently to your database and social media platform.


Hosting and Security

We deliver best practice hosting and security that delivers 99.9% uptime across all your web, app and eCommerce solutions

Our Clients Love Stikky

Stikky partners with you to adapt and execute on your vision – FAST!

Claim your Stikky Business Appraisal today!

Are limited resources and time stopping you from achieving your big vision and maximising your investments? With Stikky, you can start today! Right now! We are offering free appraisal to 5 new businesses reaching us out each month. Fill your details here and we will get in touch with you at earliest!

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