Achieving 300% Increase in Online Leads

Complete Design and Drafting

This great small business needed to modernise their online presence in a way that beautifully showcased their work while also securing new leads to grow from a small to medium business.

We really appreciate the support of Stikky to get our website completed and SEO setup. Look forward to showing off more of our work, building up the brand and getting more new leads in the door.

Owner, Jim McKeering
Complete Design and Drafting

Case Study

Stikky came on board to give Complete Design and Drafting a sales-focussed system that would help them showcase their skills and projects, while driving more local website traffic to view their work and gain new leads.

Like most small businesses, you are doing incredible work, but quite often don’t have the in-house resources, time or know how to show it off, build your brand, develop your sales process and get a constant flow of new leads and customers coming to you!

Well in the last 16 months, the Stikky team have really enjoyed helping this great business grow! Along with a brand new, mobile optimised website that showcases their services and amazing recent project galleries, Stikky’s SEO team began a local campaign that has proven very successful to date! They have now achieved a 250% increase in web visitors each month, 300% increase in online leads and 44 of their SEO search terms are ranked position 1 – 4 within Google! Read more below.

  • In their industry, they weren’t keeping up with competitors with a high quality online presence
  • They are a small team that didn’t have the in-house resources, time or knowledge for local marketing
  • They had a modest budget
  • To improve their brand and online presence
  • To secure the local market and make sure they had consistent leads coming through
  • To set up SEO, with a goal to reach top 3 on all keywords
  • To grow from a small to medium size business.
  • To modernise their branding
  • To create a website that would be extremely user friendly, showcasing their projects and case studies and a quick design quote form for customer convenience
  • To provide high-quality security and technical support, and regularly update their projects with rich images and descriptive case studies
  • To build a local SEO strategy that continues to increase leads and work towards securing the top 3 positions within search engines
  • A clean, and crisp branded website that is user friendly, improves the professionalism, allows them to compete with competitors, and provides greater accessibility to the business
  • Lots of beautiful case study imagery with descriptive project stories to showcase their excellent work at all times
  • An SEO campaign that is gaining great traction – 250% Increase in web visitors, 300% Increase in online leads, and 44 Search terms ranked position 1 – 4 within Google
  • Increased monthly leads and sales are now fulfilling the team’s targets and work load allowing the owner peace of mind!
  • A supportive Local marketing team for CDD to call on for advice and assistance whenever required.

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