Trade Business Growing
in Competitive Market

Hewitt Trade Services

In a competitive market, Hewitt Trade Services had the
vision to transition their business with a broader offering,
to eliminate peaks and troughs and stay ahead of the competition.

It's great to find a business that understands business!
Our suppliers and partners need to be trustworthy and adaptable. Stikky have explained everything to us simply and are working within our budget to get best ROI possible.

Greg Stafford
General Manager, Hewitt Trade Services

Case Study

Stikky initially met with Hewitt Trade Services to understand their challenges and goals, and have provided them with a fresh approach to help clear their heads. At this pivotal time in their business, and in a highly competitive industry, they needed to build a greater online presence and strengthen their new brand to stay ahead of the competition and ensure they were converting as many leads to sales as possible.

Stikky’s sales, branding, copywriting, digital marketing and SEO team have since taken on the project with great enthusiasm and commitment and achieved very positive results to-date. Our approach is sales-focused and pragmatic, which Hewitt appreciated and trusted. We are firm believers that your success is our success, so we are always working to help deliver the best ROI possible – now and in the future.

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  • They understood the need to update their brand and digital presence, but didn’t have time or knowledge to do so
  • They had no in-house marketing team to manage and bring projects to life
  • The external supplier they were working with was a large corporate, so they were getting lost in the system and not being communicated with
  • They were being overcharged, but didn’t have time to research other companies/options
  • They felt they had no one to trust who could provide honest advice
  • To adapt to the changing market or they would fall behind
  • To build greater authority in their industry
  • To diversify their business through additional services
  • To improve their brand and digital presence
  • To improve their SEO, with a goal to reach top 3 on all keywords
  • To create a fresh brand and look to keep up with their competitors
  • To create a website that would be extremely user friendly, supplying as much information as possible to streamline the quoting process and ultimately funnel genuine enquiries to book immediately
  • To provide high-quality security and technical support to keep their customers secure and ease their mind should they require urgent assistant/support
  • To review and adjust their SEO campaign to ensure a smooth transition with their URL change, and continue to vie for that Top 3 position coming into the busy season
  • The Hewitt branding is complete and will be rolled-out in the coming year
  • The website has been developed and training completed so that it can be easily updated to improve organic SEO
  • Hewitt’s SEO campaign is gaining great traction with improved positioning
  • Stikky are also now providing further assistance with Hewitt’s direct marketing, social and adwords requirements

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