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Australia’s only Sales and Marketing company dedicated to the needs of SMEs.


Clear your head, share your vision and watch your value unfold


Stay in front of customers with the right tools, automation and on-going support


Protecting your business and growing YOUR investment.
That’s what we are here for!

Do you have a successful business, but you can see your competitors starting to make traction online?

If you are like our other customers, by now, you’ve probably met with different digital agencies, spoke to a marketing professional and even had a crack at doing some marketing yourself and every time you try something you hit road blocks. The digital agency is more focussed on themselves, the marketing consultant that has never made a sale in their life, the SEO company that takes your money but doesn’t do any work and let’s not forget the web designer that has vanished off the face of the earth. It’s sad, but we hear this a lot.


Stikky is passionate about helping you find and keep your customers. We remove the common obstacles and lower the barrier to entry so that you can grow your investment and give yourself back the time you deserve!

Why proactive SME’s choose to work with us?

Now your marketing is EASY, CONSISTENT and PROFITABLE.
Here’s how we can help you transform your business and start winning more local customers…

SME Specialists

Our solutions suit small to medium businesses, integrating all your needs.

Best In Class

We build solutions with the end purpose in mind, using platforms that are continually updated and universally easy to use.


Fast and Easy

Our solutions are fast to learn and easy to use.

Affordable and Tailored

We tailor solutions whilst utilising modular tools to keep prices affordable.

Gives you Complete Ownership

Our solutions enable you to compete with bigger brands as you have complete ownership of all your customer data.

On-Going Support

Our team is with you through the entire process.

You’ll never have to feel confused, frustrated or anxious about your marketing again, we have your back!

Growing Your Investment

We focus on helping you grow your investment and give you complete ownership of your customer data and assets.

Lead Generation

We optimise your Google listings, maximise rewards programs and nurture your database to drive more leads for your business


Content and Messaging

We help you get clear on your message and then promote it consistently to your database and social media platform.

New Revenue Streams

We make it easy for customers purchase your products, with convenient shopping, all backed by bank grade security

Rewards Programs

Rewarding customers leads to long term relationships. We empower you to engage with and remain top of mind.


Hosting and Security

We deliver best practice hosting and security that delivers 99.9% uptime across all your web, app and eCommerce solutions

Has the time come to take everything you do great offline and maximise it online? We bet your customers think so!

Stikky makes it easy for you to take advantage of the most common customer touch points so that you can provide value to your customers and become Stikky with them.

Web & Ecommerce

New revenue streams!

Local SEO

New Opportunities!

Loyalty Programs

Reward your customers!

Direct Marketing

Enhance your service & Stand out!

Easy Bookings

Make it easy for customers!

Proactive SME’s we have the pleasure of working with!

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We love working with people who have a big vision but limited in-house resources. We expand on what you are already doing well, so every day you market your business you’re moving closer to your goal. We look forward to speaking with you!


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