How to Build a Functional Website to deliver a Return on Investment

You may have spent an arm and a leg (or no limb at all) on your Website, but is it actually working for your business and making you money?

In 2018, you’d have to be living under a rock to think a business doesn’t need a website. This is the staff member that works 24/7 for your business and your first impression in many cases. It allows you to communicate on the world’s biggest stage, and showcases what you do best.

But is it actually working for your business and delivering a return on investment?

Ask yourself these 5 questions before spending a cent more on your current website –

  1. Is it appealing to your correct buyer persona on their level?
  2. Does it provide you with a database of new leads and customers?
  3. Does it entice people to call, buy or book with you?
  4. Is it providing communication and building repeat business?
  5. Is it improving your organic SEO?

Well it should be!

Your website shouldn’t just look pretty, it must be functional and adaptable.  There’s no point paying thousands of dollars on something no one will ever see or that you can’t update in the years ahead.

Here are a few areas you can either review yourself or work with your Developer to improve- 

  • Talk to your Ideal Customer – design and build your website with their needs and questions in mind
  • User Experience – your user should be able to find what they want immediately -make it easy!
  • Build Pages for Organic SEO – build your website and content according to your keywords
  • Call to Actions – provide several options for your leads to act on their terms- online chat etc
  • Make Contact Forms Appealing – make sure forms are suitable for what the customer gets in return!
  • Build a strong Sales Process –  after you get a lead, use it wisely!

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