Did you know that 83% of customers are willing to refer a friend after a positive experience?

Your customers want to refer you, the problem is most of them don’t have the time to:
1) find their friends email addresses
2) write up a nice message about you
3) write in your contact information… you get the idea, it’s a lot of work!

Tap into the 83% of your customers who are willing to refer your business with an incentive driven program that helps you increase leads, build customer loyalty and generates sales.

We make it easy for your customers to refer friends and stay engaged through a custom branded mobile app, with great incentives.

Here’s how incentives could work for your referral program:

  • A physio, chiropractor, or medical business could give patients $15 off their next consultation for referring a friend
  • A salon could give clients a full free service worth up to $250 for referring 4 friends or a free treatment and blow dry on their next visit for referring 1 friend

Make it easy for your customers to refer their friends and you will generate more business and more customer data.

Check it out how a mobile app referral program can work for your business: 

1. Get your local customers to become a  member of your referral program so that you can track what you owe them.

2. To keep your loyal customers engaged, they get a member login so they can review how their referrals are tracking.

3. You then give them a unique code to share with their friends, which can be done through all easy sharing actions.

4. The referred customer then get’s directed to a professional webpage to claim your offer. 

5. The referred customer claims offer, you get a new customer and your loyal customer receives your gift. 

We provide a mobile app referral program that:

  • Gives incentives
  • Has personalised links
  • Provides social media sharing
  • Automatic notifications for you and your advocates
  • User dashboards
  • In-depth performance statistics

To further grow your business, you can use your existing customers to come back for repeat business by implementing a customer loyalty program.