Marketing Support
to Build Brand

General Petroleum Oil Tools

Providing GPOT with an external marketing support team to build a stronger brand in a professional industry.


Case Study

General Petroleum required marketing advice, strategy and action to build a stronger brand for their business within the Oil and Gas Industry. Stikky was able to dedicate time and care to learn the ins and outs of their business and industry and offer guidance, solutions and support to market them in a way that leveraged their exclusive partnerships. Our team helped tighten the GPOT vision and messaging, and has continuously worked through modernising the General Petroleum branding, giving all of their company resources, documents, communication and merchandise a brand face lift.

The results speak for themselves, as Stikky built a social platform that grew 10 fold in a space of less than 2 years with a highly targeted industry specific audience and lots of engagement and interaction, bringing them front of mind in the industry. Stikky’s team was able to help General Petroleum secure large tenders through content, message and design improvements to their proposals and has restructured their website to make it user friendly for their customers and visitors. Stikky’s team is currently building out an entire product catalogue, both online and printed copies, to better equip their sales team with the resources to make larger sales.

  • Many of their competitors had ceased operation due to the down turn so they had to build up their brand recognition again.
  • They had a business half complete their website and leave them high and dry mid way through the project!
  • The Oil and Gas Industry was picking back up and they needed to move quickly to capture the market share.
  • No in-house marketing team. Previous marketing person had limited skills and did not possess the diverse skills that are needed.
  • Needed help with brand consistency across the business and resources.
  • To strengthen the brand
    To support the sales team and make it easy for them to make sales
    To market business to business
  • Stikky team attending meetings with GPOT to learn about the business and industry and develop the marketing and branding strategy
  • Developing and executing a weekly Marketing content schedule
    Building a LinkedIn following
  • Creating, designing and improving elements of the sales process and materials
  • Design Tender documents and proposals
  • Complete and restructure Website and Content
  • Email marketing
  • Brand guideline
  • Promotional material
  • Create Editable PDF’s to improve efficiencies in house
  • Support the growth of sales from 14 million to 20 million 
  • Grew LinkedIn following that grew 10 fold in a space of less than 2 years and now keeping them engaged with ongoing content.
  • Assisted GPOT to secure new contracts and developed a stronger sales process
  • Providing GPOT with a diverse range of marketing and sales skills and experience to call on whenever required and to alleviate the need to hire in house.
  • Assisting with launch of new service division 
  • Developing an online catalogue to assist Sales team further