Stikky Mobile Apps for Business

Your customers are now expecting to be able to do business with you through their Smartphone. Stikky Mobile Apps for business help you capture your customers when they are “just in the moment”

Grow Your Loyalty

Our Mobile apps for business provide in app digital loyalty programs that encourage your audience to return to your business

Engage Your Customers

Use mobile apps for business Push Notifications to send messages, offers and last minute updates direct to your valued customers

Increase Your Sales

Mobile apps for business make it easy for customers to book appointments and purchase products at a time that suits them.

The perfect solution for creating Stikky customers

Our team uses best practice functionality so you don’t have to recreate the wheel (or think!). You can start small with your immediate needs and add more functionality as you require. They key is to just start!

Increase bookings and reservations

Stikk your app on your customers phone and they will have no need to look elsewhere! Our solutions integrate with most third party booking, reservation and appointment solutions delivering you and your customers a streamlined experience

Activate digital loyalty programs

Nothing beats the free coffee day and Stikky customers love being rewarded for their customer loyalty. Your business Mobile app can utilise our digital loyalty programs or we can integrate with your current program.

Create new revenue streams with mobile shopping

We provide custom shopping carts or can integrate with your exisiting shopping cart. Our solutions allow you to recieve payments through PayPal, Credit Card, Debit Card, Apple and Google Pay.

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With the likes of Facebook and Uber educating baby boomers, mothers between 35-50 increasingly using smartphones and melinnials expecting nothing but mobile, now is the time to up your game and deliver the value of your business through a mobile first approach.

The sky is the limit when it comes to what a mobile app can do for your business

We tailor solutions to suit your target market, here are a few other features we have used to help grow small business.

Push Notifications

Send messages direct to customers and target groups


Encourage referrals and reward your customers for their efforts

3rd Party Integrations

We integrate with the majority of cloud based systems


Create offers, promotions and messaging for customers in a specific area

Membership Signup

Create targetted information and messaging for different target groups

Social Media

Integrate with Instagram, Facebook, twitter, Linked in and more

Analytics Data

Track app usage, downloads and gather customers purchase history

Custom Solutions

We scope and develop solutions to drive efficiency for your business

Full Support

Our helpdesk and ongoing marketing support means we are with you on the journey

"The best thing about the Stikky team is their service. Friendly and personal, they are always on hand to deliver our direct marketing needs, especially when we are working against tight deadlines."

Simone P.

"The quality of service is phenomenal, and their attention to detail, along with their willingness to go the extra mile for their clients, means we can confidently throw them challenge after challenge and know we’ll get the best possible result."

Mitch W.

"The Stikky team has been providing INNTURE with high-quality promotions for a number of years. Their professional team is always ready to help and always provide us with fast reliable service. I would happily recommended them."

Mark P.

We integrate with most business systems

Giving you and your customers a seamless experience

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