Food Ordering
0% Commissions
From $45/week*

Your all-in-one marketing solution that grows your own brand, gives you ownership of your customer data, and creates repeat business

Build your own loyal customers, not someone else’s

We take back the power from the third-party food ordering apps.

Generate more repeat business

Make it easy for your valued customers to return to you with one click to your business, menu, food ordering and payment.

Grow your customer base & brand

Take ownership of your customer data so that you can market to them and eliminate competition.


Your complete marketing solution

Win back more local customers with a marketing solution that takes care of loyalty, reviews, referrals, promotions and direct marketing.

Affordable pricing with zero commissions

* Plus GST and $999 one-off on boarding fee

Automatically Collect payments within 48 hours

Your app will collect payments through debit, credit, Google and Apple pay options and deposit within 24 hours. We utlise the worlds most advanced and secure payment gateways.

Receive orders on your phone or tablet and print direct to your printer

Choose to have your orders to print direct to your printer or simply receive them through your smartphone, tablet or desktop computer.

It’s so simple, here’s how it works

Step 1.

Customers download your Restaurant or Takeaway app

Step 2.

Customers selects one of your dishes and pay through your app

Step 3.

You receive your payment and order straight away with zero commissions

Step 4.

Prepare the order for pickup or delivery and your customer data is in YOUR hands

The easiest way to market your restaurant or takeaway business

Send messages, offers and loyalty incentives directly to your customers phones, wherever they happen to be.

More than food ordering, it’s your complete marketing solution

Leverage your business off the back of the big players and not vice versa!

Build your valued customer base

Third party business will use your customer data to market to other businesses. With our solution, you own all of your customer data.

Send timely offers to your local customers

Using push notifications, you can promote offers directly to customers, which is cost effective and efficient advertising.


Build your local customer rewards program

Use your in-app loyalty programs to encourage repeat business through customer loyalty, rewards, referrals and reviews.

Start taking control of your food ordering with a free 30 day trial

What are you waiting for? Win back more local customers today!

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"The quality of the app is phenomenal, along with their attention to detail through the process. Their willingness to go the extra mile for their clients, means we can confidently transition to mobile marketing and know we’ll get the best possible result."

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"Stikky has provided a high-quality app for our business that has been successful for a number of years. Their professional team is always ready to help and always provide us with fast reliable service."

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