We’ve compiled some examples of differing industries that will highly benefit from incorporating an app into their marketing strategy to help their customers and make life easier for them and ultimately improving customer service!

The Hair and Beauty Industry

The hair and beauty industry is heavily driven by repeat business. While their services are important and frequently sought after, the industry itself is extremely over saturated with somewhat identical competitors. So to differentiate yourself from the rest and help your customers to the best of your ability, a mobile app is both innovative and also gives your clients exactly what they need – a technology that will make their lives easier!

Use the app to feature mobile reservations which customers can manage appointments with the app’s built in calendar, receive notifications when appointments are scheduled and appointment reminders and book in months in advance and book at their leisure of 24/7.

Use the app to feature a loyalty program that is a mobile version of a traditional stamp card, allow customers to manage their coupons, give back to customers who are most loyal with different levels of rewards, customers can be given incentives to return to your business, refer a friend and receive a reward or discount or offer in exchange.

Use the app to feature push notifications so customers are provided with easy updates and important information. Customers can be personally targeted by their location so they only receive information relevant to them and also gives them access to information immediately so they can be first in best dressed when it comes to special offers.

Use the app to feature mobile payments so your customers can pay on their app and not need to worry about cash – this is the way of the future.

All these app features and more are helping make your customer’s lives easy!

The Restaurant and Takeaway Industry

Take back the power from third-party ordering apps with your own branded mobile app for your food ordering so that your customers recognise you and keep coming back to your business app rather than a brand hijacker and industry competitor.

With your takeaway/cafe/restaurant’s own mobile app for food ordering and delivering, you can give back to your customers and make their lives so easy by providing them with your full menu, geo locations, easy payment methods, table bookings, shopping and more at the touch of a button, 24/7 and in the comfort of their desired location (e.g. their couch!).

Make it easy for your valued customer to return to your restaurant and provide them with an in-built loyalty system that will benefit them from ordering through you. Work in real time and use push notifications to make sure your audience is up-to-date instantly with deals and specials, offers, new menu items, coupons, and location information.

A mobile app for takeaway/cafe/restaurant means that your customer doesn’t have to wait on a phone line, try to salvage an outdated menu on their fridge, click through numerous web providers to book and order their meals and wait for slow websites that aren’t optimised for mobile. They can do everything instantaneously, simply, and can get more out of your resources.

A satisfied customer always returns and creates conversation with word of mouth!