As many of us already know, customer service can make or break a company. Although, too often customer service is overlooked by companies. Every company will tell you that customers are their number one priority, but few actually deliver the kind of awesome service that keeps customers coming back for life.

Customer service is more important than anything else and here’s why…

  1. The best customer service builds trust
  2. Customer service matters more than price
  3. It will build brand loyalty
  4. Good customer service reduces problems
  5. It appeals to the new customer

While everyone wants more customers, if you appreciate that giving lots of love to retaining the 20% of clients who provide you with 80% of your business and tell their friends about you, this will lead to sustainable business growth.

Great customer service = business growth and success

Mobile app solutions provide you with the opportunity to directly deal with your customers in an interactive way at their leisure. Let us explain more:

  • Make life easier for your customers with services at the touch of a button
  • Build brand loyalty by introducing an in app rewards system
  • Increase brand visibility through push notifications  
  • Simplify communication
  • Reduce marketing costs

Today, mobile users spend 86% of their mobile time engaging with apps. As smartphone usage is rapidly increasing, along with consumers demand for instant information, a mobile application should become an essential component of your customer service improvement in 2017.