Grow sales by focusing on keeping your customers for longer!

As a business owner I’m sure you understand the saying “keep more to make more”.  Your current customers are 14 times more likely to buy from you than new customers, and 80% of your sales come from 20% of your customers.

So why not focus your efforts on Customer Loyalty and Retention?

Make it easy for your customers to return to you with an enticing customer loyalty program that offers them rewards.

Implementing a customer loyalty program into your marketing strategy should be at the top of your mind. Why?
1. It’s Easy
2. It’s an inexpensive form of getting more business
3. Because it generates repeat business.

Here’s an example of what a loyalty program could look like for your business –

  • A salon may stamp the loyalty tab after each service – and customer receives $25 Voucher after 6 Salon services
  • A Pilates studio may stamp the loyalty after every class – and customer receives your 10th Pilates class free
  • A restaurant may stamp the loyalty tab for every $25 spent – and customer receives 50% off your next Dinner

Customer loyalty programs are a great way to give your business a leg up on the competition.

Imagine if you could encourage your customers to return to you 1 or more times per week/ month/ year? How much more income would that work out for your business? You do the math!

What’s more, you can take ownership of your customer data by using a custom branded Mobile App as your Loyalty Program.

Here’s how a mobile app Loyalty Program works:

1. Customers download the app 

2. Customers are asked to become a member, to get specials offers, receive push notifications and join the loyalty program

3. Customers use their social media accounts or email to sign in 

4. Customer uses App 24/7 to book appointments, get notifications, shop, view information and more!

You can even reward customers for downloading your app and choosing to accept push notes upon installation, and use your existing customers to bring you new ones through a referral program and use your happy customers to generate reviews.

In summary, you are giving your customers what they want and improving their overall experience.  They now have greater access to your business and are being offered rewards and offers, which means they are more likely to come back – ultimately boosting your sales and the value of your business!

Stikky can help set up your Loyalty program today! Send your details through and we’ll Call you Back