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Simon Lalor
Lead Consultant, Stikky Business

Dear Business Owner,

Hi, my name is Simon Lalor – that’s me in the picture above 🙂

Are time, freedom and independence the biggest drivers to why you are in business?If so, then we are a good fit.

The Stikky local marketing team are dedicated to local business. We are all professionals who are passionate about helping entrepreneurs grow their local businesses. We are not another digital agency. We are a highly-experienced team that have done the miles in our own local businesses and now want to pass on our knowledge to help others.

The Stikky mission is to help you find and keep your customers. It’s our goal to maximise everything you do great offline, by taking it online with our Stikky digital toolset. We follow the same core business marketing principles and systems that have stood the test of time, and maximise their effect with technology, to ensure your business remains customer-centric and infinitely relevant.

If you’re a proactive entrepreneur wanting to grow your investment, read-on to learn how Stikky local marketing can help your business today.


Simon Lalor
Lead Consultant

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The Stikky Benefits for SMEs

Now your marketing is EASY, CONSISTENT and PROFITABLE.
Here’s how we can help you transform your business and start winning more local customers…

Small Business Specialists

Our solutions suit small to medium businesses, integrating all your needs.

Best In Class

We build solutions with the end purpose in mind, using platforms that are continually updated and universally easy to use.


Fast and Easy

Our solutions are fast to learn and easy to use.

Affordable and Tailored

We tailor solutions whilst utilising modular tools to keep prices affordable.

Gives you Complete Ownership

Our solutions enable you to compete with bigger brands as you have complete ownership of all your customer data.

On-Going Support

We are with you throughout the entire process.

Stikky solves problems faced by small business owners every day…

"We don't have time."

Stikky gives you back time

"We don't have the budget."

Stikky specialises in affordable pricing

"We don't know who to trust."

Stikky is flexible and adaptable to reduce risk

"It's all so confusing - we'll leave it until later."

Stikky makes the confusing simple

"We either need to do it all, or nothing at all."

Stikky allows you to start small and grow

"We don't know what is fact or fiction,"

Stikky only applies core business practices

Some of the successful SME’s we have the pleasure of working with!

We don’t do things the same way as others…

Stikky take a common sense, pragmatic approach to get your local marketing underway, and allow you to use the same tools that big businesses use, but at an affordable price for your business. Your success is our success so we strive to help your business:

Generate new business opportunities

Protect and grow your business

Engage and reward your loyal customers

Maximise efficiency to reduce costs

Empower your team to be the best they can be

Enhance your service to stand out from your competitors

Our Solutions Are Backed by Our Service Promise

We aren’t like other big marketing companies. We care about your business and helping you succeed, so we take the time to review your business and plan your goals, and then focus on customer service and support to help protect your investment and get the best ROI.





Local Marketing for your Industry

We support proactive businesses that want to grow their investment

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start growing your business!

We love working with people who have a big vision but limited in-house resources. We expand on what you are already doing well, so every day you market your business you’re moving closer to your goal. We look forward to speaking with you!


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